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Free 2024 Mesothelioma Guide

Our free mesothelioma guide is a critical resource for mesothelioma patients, their families and friends.

If you or someone you know has a mesothelioma diagnosis, request our free guide to understand more about the best treatments, find the top doctors and cancer centers and learn about legal options available.

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What’s Included in Our Free Mesothelioma Guide

Once you receive the free guide, you will find information about:

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    How to Receive Your Free Guide

    It’s easy to get your own copy of our free mesothelioma guide. In fact, it’s as easy as following two simple steps:

    You fill out the form above.

    One of our advocates will call you, chat about your specific case and confirm your address.

    What you’ll learn

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    Treatment Options & Doctors Directory

    Mesothelioma treatments are changing, and understanding your best options may be important. Plus, you’ll want to find the top doctors specializing in those treatments. With our free guide, we’ll help you understand the benefits of:

    We’ll also explain why a doctor with mesothelioma experience may make a difference in your treatment.

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    Access to Financial Assistance

    Any cancer treatment can be expensive, even with insurance. Mesothelioma is no different. However, financial assistance options may be available for you. Our guide on mesothelioma explains those options and the average compensation amounts. Plus, you’ll learn how these options can help cover your treatment costs and help give you financial security.

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    Information on Your Legal Rights

    Companies that used or produced asbestos products may have put people at risk for asbestos-related diseases. If you have an asbestos disease diagnosis, you or your family may be able to hold those companies liable. Our free guide explains: